Thursday, October 23, 2008

We Have a New Bird


visiting the last 2 days, even looking at him/her & the bird book we are not sure what it is besides a woodpecker. Rich and I have narrowed it to 1 we think it may be, but still not
sure. It was just too dark for the camera to do well , but it looked so good when we were looking. I'm going to send his picture around and get him identified. He is out of his visit zone..whomever he may be..or she
I was so excited I was shaking like a leaf
My God visit today


Cindy Garber Iverson said...

I'm so glad you came by Rosehaven Cottage so I could come by and "meet" you! I think I would have had the same reaction seeing a woodpecker. I, too, consider every sighting of one of God's creation a miracle and a special gift from Him.


Old Glory Soldiers said...

I love being surrounded by the beauty of nature that God has given to us.

Thank you for sharing your pictures!

I always enjoy visiting you ...

God Bless,

Mary said...


It is a gorgeous bird. Do you know if it had white and black patches on its back? I am not sure what it is either from the photo, but would love to know. Thanks so much for sharing. I'm glad you were gifted with the visit from this fellow.


Jayne said...

I would think probably a Downy, but it's hard to tell the size and markings in the dark. Love the little woodpeckers!

Jayne said...

Then again... the red patch and the wing markings don't look right for a Downy... hmmmm... will call in reinforcements.

Julie Zickefoose said...

OOOH! Eee!

Red-headed woodpecker, immature plumage!!
They have streaky brown heads and "military stripes" on the white secondaries of their wings when they're young. This bird was hatched this year. By next spring, he'll have a solid red head and only traces of black on his snow-white secondary feathers.

Now THAT's a great feeder bird. Red-headed woodpeckers are declining everywhere, and becoming quite rare. Take good care of him! (They love cracked corn, too).

Eee! Eee! Eee! Science Chimp, signing off. Thanks, Jayne.

Lori said...

hi Deena, thanks for the sweet comment you left for me:) the shop will open for beta testing on Nov 15 or 17th, i will let you know for sure when i find out!!!

Terry said...

What a wonderful surprise to find in your yard! It's always nice to have a new vistor in the garden! Have a great weekend! :0)

Leaon Mary said...

I'm sooo excited Deena! AND LOVE that you know it's a visit from "ABOVE."

Cheryl said...

Is it not wonderful when Gods gifts come and lift our hearts and souls........being with nature restores us........
look forward to hearing who this little chap is.........

Debra said...

Oh Deena, what a wonderful gift God gave you. Isn't it neat that God knows you so well, that He planned that just for YOU???!!!
It gives me goosebumps too, or Godbumps! So neat that he was identified for you too.
I found the SWEETEST little nest today as I was mowing. I'm going to take its picture and blog it. The nest is about 4 inches from the ground, tightly woven and carefully made, even though it may have been a bad choice of spots! It made my day to see it.
Love, Debra

Old Glory Soldiers said...


I have given you an Fabulous Fall Decor Award ... the logo is on my site ... although I don't think they make an award that could possibly suffice for either one of your sites ... I hope this lets you know how much you touch others all that you share.

God Bless,

Betzie said...

I am a bird lover too, not sure what that one is, but such a great shot you got!
A lovely gift for a lovely person...:)
Thinking of you Deena!
betzie xo