Saturday, January 13, 2007

A bit of Winter

We had a bit of Winter weather visit this weekend. Ice hangs everywhere and the grass is CRUNCHY. Looks so pretty, as long as we can stay inside and safe AND warm. We are suppose to get more ice thru Monday.
FYI the bird on the feeder is a Tufted Titmouse, a frequent visitor to our feeders year round.
Not much news, it's a slow uneventful time here in the MidWest.
Check back soon, Deena

Monday, January 01, 2007

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Hi!! I've finally got to my Blog, tis been awhile since it's worked for me. Christmas was great. We had 15 inches of snow BEFORE Christmas , but it was all gone by Christmas. I took a nice fall on the ice and had 7 stitches in my lip. Had to have a CT make sure my brain was still there and knocked 5 of my teeth loose. Mostly healed up now.

Everyone was here for Christmas Eve much fun and so crazy with SIX boys and all the excitement.

Hubby was quite generous with presents this year. My fave is new windchimes!! They are GREAT.

Heard an owl tonight when I let our Hannah dog out, and the coyotes were WILD on Monday. I sure love not having to drive Mercedes to school and home each day. FIVE more months and she's OUT of HIGH SCHOOL.

Mercedes got her Driver's License finally ..and with all the snow we had she did great with her driver's exam , past FIRST time.

I'll try to keep updates going.
Above is a pic of my two grandsons, they spent the night on Thurday after good and they had so much fun

Cole (redhead) is 5 years and my oldest daughter's oldest boy. Joe is 6 years and my son's 3rd of 4 boys!!