Sunday, August 23, 2009

Wings and Things

I've not posted for a while, things are good here and the summer has been mostly mild

I did see a Pileated Woodpecker last week but I did not have my camera outside..and I didn't want to TRY to get it and miss my sighting.
I was so excited.

Mama Wren took the Chickadee box after they left.
Here she is , peeping out at me

Hubby's Butterfly & Hummingbird Garden.

Hollyhocks..I didn't get many blooms this year.

Our Caladium at the edge of the yard.

Looking down into the backyard from the deck

The biggest I've seen and it was on the Jalepeno Plant
The darn squirrels ate most of the peppers, I even saw
one eating the BIG pepper we had.
Do you think it's a Katy Did?

The picture below..on the left of the can see
him (barely) on the brick. I wanted you to see how
high he was sitting.
He's a Tree Frog, his lil feet look like suction cups.

I like frogs.