Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Tues & Wed the last of May

I had to show ya the poor old birdhouse I had in the backyard. It was left here by the previous owners & it was on a tree. I sure didn't like the way it hung there, and I hate to throw away birdhouses, so I moved it to a Sheperd's Hook in my side garden.

One slat was missing from the roof, but two days after I moved it , Carolina Wrens moved in. I saw the twigs hanging out the side of the ROOF. LOL

So now, she comes out when I water or fill the bird bath & chatters at me. The last time I had wrens nest in a box, it was about 4 feet high & in the middle of the herb garden. I can't wait till the babes come, cuz they'll be cheeping at me to feed them whenever I walk anywhere near there. Too cute

It rained last night & I had to snap this pic of a rose I brought from the old house last Spring. It's in BLOOM, woo hoo, was so worried it wouldn't make it.

I not even sure which rose it is..HUM..I'll be searching tonight.

By the by, don't forget to check out

It'll be updated with new primitives in the AM.

Gotta go sit outside, the woods are singing

Monday, May 29, 2006

Happy Memorial Weekend



I got my new roses planted & the above pics show how beautiful they will be.
It's been so hot here, I tried to work in the early AM & just at
dusk in the yard.

I have some great "critter" pics to post tomorrow. My regular
friends, including "Toady" He hangs out by my garden hose!! LOL

Spent some time with my grandsons too, that's always so fun!! They
fought over who was sitting on which side of my lap. Lucky it's big
enough for two boys at once.

Tomorrow starts Summer Vacation for my daughter, I'm going to
use the extra time I have to start Yoga again!! If you haven't tried
Yoga , you should, it's so relaxing & good excercise with literally no
impact . It even keeps my from getting headaches.

Hope everyone had a fun & safe weekend.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Wednesday & Thursday

Here's the only all red bird in Illinois, the Summer Tanager. Even the Cardinal has other colors on him. This is the FIRST Tanager I have seen, ever!! Right here on the edge of the Singing Woods. He didn't leave when I opened the kitchen window to take his picture either!! woo hoo
Also visiting are male House Finch, Female House Finch & American Gold Finch.
Don't ya think it's funny that the animal & bird kingdom males have to be SO colorful & fancy in order to get the females to become their friends!!??
tee hee
I planted some "Mouse Ear" coreopsis & some BLUE delphinium today. Sure hope they thrive.
Working on the digging of the rose bed, they should arrive soon.
I also listed a couple of goodies on eBay today. Fun stuff for sewing & a little Make Do dolly.
Be sure to check out
for Simply Primitive artisans listings on eBay.
Tomorrow is the LAST day of school for Mercedes, my youngest , a junior in high school. No more running twice a day, hope I'll create more with the extra time I'll have. Here's a picture of her, isn't she gorgeous?

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

First of the Week

Monday was creating day, did a bit of sewing & gardening.
Sat with hubby on the deck for some bird watching & Mr. Hummer
decided to fly in to check us out. He stopped at each of the feeders, then went
to his fave lil branch to perch & spy!! LOL

Tuesday it was stock up on cleaning supplies. Went to my fave Target & got
cleaning ..some yummy candles . Even picked up a Shabby Chic under the bed
storage box, made of cloth. Now to decide what creating supplies to put in it.
It's beautiful here today. I got an email saying my roses are ON the WAY,
I've got a place on the side yard I'm turning into a small rose garden. Can't wait!!

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Sunday Happenings

Today was a "Tour of Homes" My best friend and I have been doing this for more than 15 years. Older homes in a wonderful neighborhood. We had lunch & toured 7 homes. Then I came home & gave my roses some food .
It was a lovely day for being out and about.
No new birds today, but our usual
GoldFinches, Nuthatches, Downy Woodpeckers, Chickadees were all at the feeders!!
Here's a picture of the lilacs here at our home. They smell so wonderful, wished they lasted all

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Saturday News

Today was such a good day~started out with a siting of a Rose Breasted Grosbeak, then to the Art Fair. On to lunch, next to prim shops, quilt shop & home for desert. Ended with a siting of
a Summer Tanager (our first) . Tomorrow brings a Tour of Homes, which is always fun