Monday, May 29, 2006

Happy Memorial Weekend



I got my new roses planted & the above pics show how beautiful they will be.
It's been so hot here, I tried to work in the early AM & just at
dusk in the yard.

I have some great "critter" pics to post tomorrow. My regular
friends, including "Toady" He hangs out by my garden hose!! LOL

Spent some time with my grandsons too, that's always so fun!! They
fought over who was sitting on which side of my lap. Lucky it's big
enough for two boys at once.

Tomorrow starts Summer Vacation for my daughter, I'm going to
use the extra time I have to start Yoga again!! If you haven't tried
Yoga , you should, it's so relaxing & good excercise with literally no
impact . It even keeps my from getting headaches.

Hope everyone had a fun & safe weekend.

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paper rocks said...

Deena! Thanks for sharing your blog with me! It is cool! So peaceful and tranquil. I'm loving it, really. Do you do yoga at home or somewhere else? Britt made me go at Christmas time with her and I loved it. Not very good at it but it made me feel so wonderful. I felt the benefits of that one time for a week. I was always going to go do it and just haven't. You might inspire me.