Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Tues & Wed the last of May

I had to show ya the poor old birdhouse I had in the backyard. It was left here by the previous owners & it was on a tree. I sure didn't like the way it hung there, and I hate to throw away birdhouses, so I moved it to a Sheperd's Hook in my side garden.

One slat was missing from the roof, but two days after I moved it , Carolina Wrens moved in. I saw the twigs hanging out the side of the ROOF. LOL

So now, she comes out when I water or fill the bird bath & chatters at me. The last time I had wrens nest in a box, it was about 4 feet high & in the middle of the herb garden. I can't wait till the babes come, cuz they'll be cheeping at me to feed them whenever I walk anywhere near there. Too cute

It rained last night & I had to snap this pic of a rose I brought from the old house last Spring. It's in BLOOM, woo hoo, was so worried it wouldn't make it.

I not even sure which rose it is..HUM..I'll be searching tonight.

By the by, don't forget to check out

It'll be updated with new primitives in the AM.

Gotta go sit outside, the woods are singing

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