Sunday, May 31, 2009

Ruby Throated Hummingbirds

I just moved one of my feeders to the front yard in front of my 
office window..for some reason..they love it there . I still have
one on the deck too. These pics were taken through the window.

You just HAVE to click on the photo to see the detail, it's amazing ..their feathers
look like colored metals in the details.

I can't believe I have TWO at one feeder..usually
it's a fight . I guess two GIRLS will share

Look at that..she can eat and FLY @ the same time.

LOL..she looks like an ostrich..I think she was watching I am
at the window with the camera..
Love her long neck

Saturday, May 30, 2009


Today, as I took Suet Bites out for the Blue Birds..I glanced at their box.
I saw NEST hanging out of the top of the box.  OH NO
I looked at it..knew something was wrong, looked on the ground 
below the box .  I saw LOTS of little feathers there amongst the herbs.
I know what the sight of a murder looks like, having Sharp Shin
Hawks attack birds in the yard here in the winter.

I went to get hubby, Rich and he brought a ladder..looked in the
box , lest something traumatic was in the nest.  Nothing there, no
babies..not a sign of  babies.

Here's daddy sitting at his usual perch, I wonder how he feels.  Will
they use this same nest for their second brood?? Do they know what
happened to their babies?? Oh I just cried.  

On a positive note, I discovered that a Black Capped Chickadee is nesting
in my wren box.  Wish there was something I could do to protect them.
I don't hear any babes yet, she's made her nest there in the last week.

I have some GREAT hummingbird pictures from today too, that
I will post soon.  I so love my home. Rich's BFF was here today
& said "What is this, Warner's Circus" we have lots of little animals too.

Go outside, look around, smell the roses..and the TREES..and US,
how could ANYONE doubt God made this????? It is NOT just 
a big boom happenstance..It's DIVINE !  Everything is PERFECT.
Yes we've evolved from what we were in the Beginning, but we
were created as humans in God's image.

Friday, May 29, 2009


more to come

Some of my roses that are currently in bloom
I have more..not blooming yet, but with buds.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Not a Pretty Sight

It's a Wolf Spider..He sure looked bigger on Saturday
night when he was alive and on our garage wall 
He's about 3-4 inches with his legs...CLICK the photos
if you can stand to see more detail.

Monday, May 25, 2009

In Memory

Thanks to all our Armed Forces for my freedom
Then & now

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Great Weather Here

My favorite Columbine ..Nora Barlow
in pink, magenta & white *which blooms light green*
The first bloom on my Isaac Pierre

The male and female Gold Finches are sharing a meal on our deck.

This was on the ground, upside down after a windy thunderstorm
with the broken eggs all over the ground. 
Poor Robins, they have lost one nest each year in our yard.
Blown by wind..and in differenet trees each time.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Butterfly and Hummingbird

My favorite Columbine , Norah Barlow
it has a lovely bud, but hangs upside down. 
I have it a pink color too
This is Mr Hummie's favorite perch
his feeder is about 10 feet below
This guy would just not pose for me

I love the "night songs" ..frogs, crickets, owls, coyotes..Life is GOOD

Sunday, May 17, 2009


I wish you could smell them.
They stand about 9 ft tall..8 ft out from the deck  and 15 feet 
across our deck.  The fragrance is heady when the 
day is a bit warm.

I love them so..but they come and go WAY too fast.
I must slow down and enjoy them today.

Happy Sunday

Monday, May 11, 2009

Snow White & Her Visitors

My Breast Doctor, Denise Mammilito, me (aka Snow White)  & my Breast Friend, Sally
at The Race for the Cure, Saturday, May 9th.

An American Goldfinch in the trees after he flew into the windows
& was rescued by Snow White..
(notice the hair)

Mr Tom, just outside our fence..waiting for Ms Hen

An Oriole on the Finch feeder

Mr Bluebird...watching out for his house and family

Ms Hen getting a drink from the bird bath

Mr Ruby Throated Hummingbird watching over his food
& waiting for a Mrs   No girls here yet