Saturday, July 28, 2007

How Kinde is This ??

Some friends & I were chatting on a forum & somehow Fairy Dust came up. I posted that I love Fairy Dust . My daughters ALWAYS had some, but alas not that they've both moved out, tis none here .......

Well...a few days ago a box came in the mail, I didn't recognize the sender & wondered WHAT IS THIS??
It was so sweetly wrapped & lovely .. it was mailed by French Garden House

Well, my sweet friend SUZANNE had thought I
needed Fairy Dust , now that I have an empty nest. What a wonderful, thoughtful, whimsical surprise!
Tis good to receive such a treat & to have such a friend to treasure!

Show & Tell Friday~~Alas

I'm sorry I missed it this week.
but I'll be sure to have something Friday coming.
Sometimes life has a way of taking over!
fondly, deena

Monday, July 23, 2007

A first peek at Springdale Cemetery

Last Tuesday, my grandsons and I went for ride to our OLD & HUGE cemetery. Zach who is 13 took some pictures & they turned out soooo wonderful.

I just wanted to share a few. We will be going back for MANY more. The graves are prior to the Civil War.

They also have alot of native wild flowers found no where else in our state now. Stay tuned!! Enjoy this tiny peek.
fondly, Deena

Saturday, July 21, 2007

I found "Show & Tell Friday"

I love this BLOG, There is No Place Like Home, & Kelli has
Show & Tell Fridays. It is such a fun idea, I will be doing it.

Visit Kelli's Show and Tell Friday & become part of the fun, sharing and learning.

See ya Friday with a show & tell.


Friday, July 20, 2007

Meme Tag~Eight random facts about ME

I received a meme tag from my BLOG friend, Deb, Posted From Home,
Here's 8 random facts about me

1. I am gramma to six BOYS
2. I can't drink soda from a can, TOO much carbonation.
3. I only drink tea from GLASS, NEVER plastic.
4. I love Earth, Wind & Fire
5. I graduated from high school in 3 years
6. Gardening is therapy & love the feel of earth on my hands
7. I have 3 GROWN children ..35, 24 and 18 are their ages!
8. When I was in grade school, girls HAD to wear dresses or skirts, no "pants" allowed!

This photo was taken in one of our local cemeteries , when my grandson Zach (now 13) went to "harvest" some
hydrangea. Look for more photos from that day SOON!!

~~Now I tag~~

Nature Trail

Of Bluebirds & Roses

A Bird in Hand

Stop & Smell the ROSES

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Happy Birthday to my BABY

On the 18th anniversary of your arrival, I reflect upon some of the memories you've given me.

**When you were 3 and said "mom , I'll never leave you, we'll be angels in heaven together**

**How when I read to you each night you ALWAYS knew when I skipped something in the book**

**How I cried at your first dance recital when you were 4**

**How cute you looked at 5 on a pony**

**How proud I was of you when you entered into "Washington Gifted School**

**The recipe book your class made at school when you were 7, your OWN ideas of cooking**

**How lovely & excited you looked on the way to the Cottillion**

**Watching you sing & dance as a "hotbox girl" in Guys & Dolls in high school**

** The times you were so sad , you cut yourself & I told you I loved you more than life over & over**

**Our giggling when I taught you to drive & you weren't so good, ok you were BAD at driving**

**My heart sinking as YOU drove away last weekend, heading for you own apartment in your own car**

**How wonderful it was that you called today & said you felt awesome being 18 & independent**

As we both begin a new adventure, I know life will bring more wonderful & some not so wonderful
memories, but they will be OURS to share.

I love you Mercedes!!! your adoring mama, Deena

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Sometimes I Feel Like a Childless Mother

Another Milestone In Life

Rich & I are parents of GROWN children. My baby got a car on Thursday & moved her things
to her apartment TODAY.

Mercedes & her room mates.
Oh my gosh, will I survive this. ?? I have been a mom with kids at home for 35 years & now
they are gone. I don't know whether to laugh, cry, celebrate, get a facial or buy a new wardrobe. (laugh out loud)

My baby will be 18 on July 17th, so this car & apartment are her presents!!
I told her I wouldn't call her everyday!! Gosh I'll try hard not too. But (to quote Tony Soprano).......whatta ya gonna do??

On a NATURE note, doesn't this Butterfly Weed look lovely?? OH the fragrance is divine..try as I might I couldn't get a picture of any butterflies on the plant!!

Friday, July 06, 2007

Hens, Chicks & Porcelain Berry Vine

Oh I was so HAPPY when I found some Hens & Chicks at our Home Depot!! They had two types..the smaller
green ones & these lovely..???purplish ?? ones. They are just so fun & they've already begun to "chick out"

Here's a WONDERFUL plant I have grown for a few years when we were still in the city, Porcelain Vine.
It get's green berries, then ..they turn all different shades of aquamarine, purple, blues, pinks..even whites.
NOW if I can figure out HOW to keep the birds from eating the berries while they are green..I'll have a LOVELY show in the Autumn. Below are MY vines growing along the fence.


And this is NOT my picture, but it is what they will look like in a couple months. Most delightful!!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

God Bless America

Land that I love.
Do you ever comtemplate on how fortunate we are to live in this country? I do. I feel blessed to have been born of parents who call America their home. We could just as easily live where fighting, bombing, death is an EVERY day event, never feeling safe inside or outside your home, or starving somewhere in a desert, watching our children die . America IS the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, whether we agree with our leaders or not, we should still be proud of our country, fight for her & cherish what our flag symbolizes.

I was in the doctors office one day and some (older than me folks) were discussing our President in such a negative way, I wanted to stand up and ask them if they felt fortunate to live here?? Why would you speak so badly about a man who has led us through 9/11 in such a compassionate way. My passion for my beliefs sometimes has to remain in check, as I know not everyone believes the same as I. That's the beauty of America. In some countries talk like that could mean prison or even death.

I just want to say thank you to all our military who have served, & who serve now, to keep us free & safe. God be with each of you. I am indebted to you for MY freedom.

Enjoy the festivities, be safe & pursue happiness this 4th...Deena

Tis my eagle made from a "Homespun Heart" pattern with some aged paper wings.

Asking for Prayer's for the Joyce Family

An update, prayers are STILL needed, Chris went to our Heavenly Father on Sunday. Please visit the BLOG . The family needs alot of love & support.
With love in Christ, Deena


A young family needs your prayers..Chris , Mandy & their children have been on my prayer list for quite a while now.
It has been a VERY emotional journey, times of miracles, ups , & downs & sadness and joy. Chris' story has been
a witness of the power of prayer & the love our Lord.

You may visit their BLOG @
I am requesting you
ask our Lord to guide the family thru the future.

Tammie , Mandy's mom, is my friend...She lost her young husband to cancer after years of battling. This
has been VERY hard on her also.

Remember to show your love & greet each day as a gift.
Fondly, Deena