Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Primitive Gathering has OPENED

Please take a few minutes to browse the site , our news, our Goode Things & our Guest Arist

and thanks to Shelly Auen of Primitive Stitchin for our lovely Spring Welcome banner

Let me know what you think
smiles, Deena

Thursday, March 29, 2007


What a great few days it's been here. VERY hard to get any work done inside, when nature is so wonderful ..As I've said before, I'm fighting the deer to keep my tulips. Caleb, one of my youngest grandsons, took the liberty of picking my daffodils yesterday.
Well I told him I wanted him to look sad cuz he picked Gramma Deena's flowers..doesn't he look remorseful??
Honestly though, I'd be surprised if he picked my flowers without asking again!!
He's so funny, tis hard to be stern with him & keep a straight face!

Going out to snip some hyacinths now
Hope life is good where you are
Enjoy the day the Lord hath made

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Happy Day

Even though it's a lovely home, we are GLAd to have transferred ownership of our Victorian to a young couple
yesterday. They are thrilled to have the home. Things are in bloom at the home & it's a lovely time to be in the
garden there.
It's been almost two years, since we moved here to The Singing Woods.

Someone moved a BIG house to a location down the holler here in The Singing Woods, so I'm going to try
to sneek there today and get a couple of pics!!
It was QUITE a BIG home..and it was dark a & the roads were blocked
an adventure!!
smiles, Deena

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Life is Good

What a glorious day here, signs of Spring everywhere..tis too nice to stay inside. The sparrow's, phoebe's, Red Belly & Hairy Woodpeckers are building nests.
Even though we've spotted Bluebirds, we've not seen them nesting.
We'll be sitting on the deck tonight .listening for owls , bullfrogs & coyotes~~
Enjoy life in your little corner of the world, Deena

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Tis Spring

So welcome, is the Spring. Yesterday as I was "spraying" to keep the deer away from my tulips
I noticed some blooms!! I was so excited to see them, as they are the VERY FIRST of this Spring.
I also noticed someone (thing?) had already munched off the hyacinths & some of the tulips.
Alas, can they just eat something ELSE??
I heard the bull frogs at dusk & our Barred Owl friends were hooting in the Wood.
The sparrows are once again building their "nests" in our antique yard lamps..Loose
clumps of grass is not quite a nest to me, I find sparrows too lazy to make their homes

My other challenge is to keep the Sparrows out of the Blue Bird box we spotted
Blue Birds over the weekend..and we'd love for them to bless us with lil nestlings.

Hope today brings sunshine & smiles,
take a breath & know it's Spring

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Kindred Spirits

A good friend is to be treasured. On the Christian Radio Station, I heard three things you could
do for you health each morning. Socalizing with friends was one, it helps us set the tone for the
day and is good for our physical health..(and our mental health).
So each day, finding a few moments to chat with a friend or loved one will help both of
your health & keep you close.

My friends have carried me through the ups and downs of this sweet life..and I love them
for it!


Monday, March 12, 2007

A wonderful day in The Singing Woods

Today was really our first day with a hint of Spring in the air. As I was out exploring the yard, I found signs of
Spring coming up from the earth. The tulips have been busy making their way towards Mr Sun, even though
the days have been cold. I am so excited to see them. NOW , to keep the deer away so I may enjoy their blooms
is the battle. Smiles to you , Deena

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Spring must be coming

Today as I was visiting with my grandson, we walked to the mailbox, we stopped to listen to the birds singing, feel the sun on
our faces & watched the robins pluck berries to eat from the crab apple tree. Spring is welcome &
this weekend marks the beginning of DayLight Savings Time. Alas I can't wait for the April showers
to bring May flowers.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

At last I have created a few things for eBay. Our new group, The Primitive Gathering, is having a "birds of the feather" theme. Be sure to visit for lots more lovelies..
as always, smiles to you, Deena