Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Tis Spring

So welcome, is the Spring. Yesterday as I was "spraying" to keep the deer away from my tulips
I noticed some blooms!! I was so excited to see them, as they are the VERY FIRST of this Spring.
I also noticed someone (thing?) had already munched off the hyacinths & some of the tulips.
Alas, can they just eat something ELSE??
I heard the bull frogs at dusk & our Barred Owl friends were hooting in the Wood.
The sparrows are once again building their "nests" in our antique yard lamps..Loose
clumps of grass is not quite a nest to me, I find sparrows too lazy to make their homes

My other challenge is to keep the Sparrows out of the Blue Bird box ..as we spotted
Blue Birds over the weekend..and we'd love for them to bless us with lil nestlings.

Hope today brings sunshine & smiles,
take a breath & know it's Spring

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