Friday, June 23, 2006

Mama Wren

Oh my..I waited & waited for her to go into the birdhouse
but all she'd do was chatter at ME to go away. Here's
either mom or dad sitting on the fence close to the birdhouse
waiting for ME to leave.

This is the NEstle in the Singing Woods too!

A GREAT Friday

Well it's a beautiful day here~~and I finally got some
creations done too! Woo Hoo
I love the kitties, from a pattern by Chris of Walnut Ridge.
Her patterns are always fun!! I have most of them.
Kitties are for sale on eBay right now.
I had to show ya my daughter's youngest boy too!! CALEB, he's Cole's brother.
He's QUITE a snicklefritz too. Not near as cuddly as Cole & quite the bully!
OMG, but is he EVER cute & smart. I love to just hug him , but he's not so fond of all that!
BUT, he LOVEs birds, just like me, so we sure do have fun birding!!
He always wants to pet them..tee hee
I'd BEST go pick up my creating room, tis a mess. Enjoy the weekend
& check back soon.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Grandma's Weekend

Grandma, yep !! That's me. My oldest daughter's oldest son, COLE came to visit this weekend. We had a great time, he loves to help garden. We watched alot of Sponge Bob too!!
Here's just a few of my hollyhocks and that sweet little red head is my sweet CoLe.
He's so loving , I can get lots of hugs and kisses & he NEVER EVER EVER wants to go home, or so he says :>) I think he'd pack his bags & stay with "Grandma Deena" any time!!
I've been working on a new pattern by Walnut Ridge, I'll be posting a pic as soon as I finish!! Chris is one of my faves~!~ and I will be working on a wonderful pattern by Deerfield Farmhouse, but I have to find just the RIGHT fabric. Christine is my all time favorite & I have collected all her patterns. Even if I don't make them all, I LOVE them as a collection.
It's late & I need my beauty rest
Check back soon.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

OH mY it's Wednesday already

I can't believe I haven't posted in so long. Today my first hollyhock bloomed appeared. My minature hollyhocks are in bloom also, I think they are called Marsh Mallows. I also took this picture of one of my wonderful roses to share, didn't notice the ants in the blooms, but I love it!!

Nature depending on nature, and the colors of the roses are so mixed. This one isn't fragrant but it is pretty!

My little Carolina Wren is busy taking care of babes, not sure how many she has, I can only hear a tiny peeping inside the birdhouse. They must not be big enough to look out the opening yet. I plan to sit quietly out there with a camera to get a picture.

We have LOTS of lil chickadees around lately too, tiny new ones! Such fun.

Oh , my Hannah dog, ran off Monday morning, after a day of searching for her, she is NOT street smart..I called the animal shelter 25 miles away. She was THERE, got picked up about 10 miles from home on the HIGHWAY. She had a hunk taken off between her eyes and all she did was sleep on Tuesday, what an ordeal. I won't trust her outside of the fence again.

Last night when I took the garbage cans out at dusk, I could here the Wild Turkeys in the woods..gobble gobble and late..coyotes again. Good thing I'm not scared

Hubby was away for work, so I watched MOVIES!! YEAH
Kill Bill 1
Kill Bill2
When a Stranger Calls
and stayed up LATE
in bed to watch!! That's a treat for me

Well, I didn't get anything done for
but I will start making things for next month NOW.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

It's the first of the Week

Hubby bought this "Squirrel go Round" and Mr. Blue Jay decided to come by & check it out.
He's sitting on the cob & he's scared off the other birds. Pretty easy pickin's for him.

This is an old baby swing that I hang from the deck & it holds my scented gerainiums. The Tufted Titmouse likes to grab some bird seed, then go to the swing to eat. I love how he can hold the seed in his feet as he eat.

I am patiently (LOL, not) waiting for new things to bloom.

The hollyhocks are FULL of buds , they should be so pretty!! I planted 20 PINK Lily of the Valley plants this past weekend & some of them have sent up leaves with buds already. I'll be posting pics as soon as they bloom. I've never seen pink blooms before!!

The Barred Owl is calling (sounds like wooo cooks for you) so I'm gonna go see if I can get him to talk back to me~~ they usually do.

Thanks for stopping by, Deena

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Weekend Happenings

I love the way my new bird house from Country Rustic looks atop the arch. You can find her work on I sure hope we get birds to nest there. It's very close to where the Carolina Wrens are nesting & where the Robin's nested earlier this Spring, so I'm thinking it's a good spot.

Here's my little Hummer guy, he's a Ruby Throat, which is all we get here in Illinois.
He sits on this one branch that has no leaves so he can see his FEEDERS. I read the males will often perch where they can see their food source and will fight off others looking for food.
Tee HEE , lil guy , but thinks he's tough.
I planted lots of new things this weekend. I'll be posting pics as things begin to bloom.
Sunday evening I worked setting up the store for the Bath & Body Works, semi annual sale, lots of fun things on sale. I'll be going in early on Monday to SHOP!!
I listed some great mache cones on eBay & I have some larger ones I'll be finishing up also.
I got a new pattern from Walnut Ridge I'll be making the first of the week. Looks so fun!!
Be sure to search SPSG on eBay to see all the great primitives!!
HubbY just came down , cuz he heard coyotes yipping he's gone outside to ??see?? them ..EEEEKKK.
I'm gonna go jump in bed and read a bit , my favorite thing to do before sleep.
More coming soon

Friday, June 02, 2006

Here's my sweet Grandson & my Hannah dog

She is so gentle with the grandboys & such a good doggie,
she is my constant companion..and barks the deer for us
in the MIDDLE of the night..teehee

Hope ya don't think "UCK" as Toadie is my gardening buddy. He's always by my garden hose waiting in the mornings. It's also a bit shady & damp there, so I'm sure it's cool for him too.
Boy do we have chipmunk friends too, this lil guy is under the hostas grabbing the bits of bird seed on the ground. One of the family tunneled under some Cosmos seedlings I just got started..ggrrrr...they still seem to be growing , but if they don't I'm gonna go yell at him!!
I never knew such a lil guy could make SO much noise. When my dog Hannah chases him he SCREAMS..oh my's hilarious..he's so little but so LOUD
Today I planted 20 PINK Lily of the Valley pips and 4 Ostrich Ferns. Tomorrow I have 4 FoxGloves to plant & hubby says he wants to go plant shopping tomorrow..YIPPEE!! I am always ready for that.
Tonight it's "girl's nite out" three girls. the dog, cat and me are on the porch with music and LOTS of's so cool out , and I have screens to keep the skeeters off me. The laptop sure comes in handy for porch parties!!
I didn't get that lovely birdhouse photographed today, but I will!! It's a treasure.
OH one last thing , my delphiniums are in BLOOM, lovely!!

Thursday, June 01, 2006

As promised here's pictures of the butterflies, the top one is a Tiger Swallowtail & the bottom one is a GREAT Tiger Swallowtail. There were 4 of them flutter around on the fleurs. I went out to take a pic & they just fluttered around & got so close. They were beautiful & I had not seen any of these since I was a TOMBOY. LOL

These are flowers in baskets on our back deck, seemed they liked the petunias best. Even my friend Mr Hummer likes these.

Today was cooler & a bit of rain this afternoon, BUT I finally mastered hubby's camera . It takes WAY better pics than mine.. Hum, he'll have to share now.

Tomorrow two more of my garden friends will be posted

and the WONDERFUL new birdhouse I got from Jen of Country Rustics, love it!!

Oh ..the OWL's are HootinG out in the dark, I love to hear them.

Pleasant dreams, night