Saturday, October 27, 2007

At the Forest Edge

"My heart is awed within me when I think of the
great miracle that still goes on, In silence round me~
the perpetual work of Thy creation, finished, yet
renewed forever."

I love this view of my backyard, my favorite little corner
the stark of evergreen against the changing colours of

Friday, October 26, 2007

Red Sky At Night, Sailor Delight

On Tuesday evening..we were watching the local news
& the weather man said we could see the Space Shuttle 
@ 6:34 Pm to 6:37 PM ..We went on to
see , but it was so beautiful I had to show
you the evening sky with the tree colors.
We DID see the shuttle, but it was like a star
traveling VERY fast, nothing I could have gotten on the
Hope you enjoy the see more
Show & Tell Friday hosted by Kelli

smiles from me, Deena

Saturday, October 20, 2007

An Autumn Walk

Even the poison ivy looks lovely!!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Show & Tell Friday!!

I missed last week, but I do have something I think is
FUN for this week.  I'm not nutty, I just love
nature !! I got SO excited when I saw this
on my walk to get pictures of all the lovely color
here in the Singing Woods. 
Here's a preview of the trees
on my walk. More to come in the next 
few days.
I had to get close, as it was so awesome in design & so large.
Hanging from a small branch of a small tree, close enough to the
road that I could see it. I was looking for turkey, deer, foxes & special
birds. I thought as windy as the day was they wouldn't hear me coming.
I took pictures of beautiful trees..more to come in a few days. No birds, saw turkey, but
didn't get a deer or fox.
So here's my find.
Based on what I could find, I believe it's a Baldfaced Hornet's Nest.
It is as big as a laundry basket, with texture that looks like paper.
At the bottom , I could see the hole they used to come & go.
YES, it's still there in the tree..I wasn't ABOUT to touch it..just lil
ole me in the wood by myself?? no way

Thanks to Kelli for hosting "Show & Tell Friday"
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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Tale of Mums & the Toad

A Tale from the Singing Woods

Once upon a time, there was a wonderful husband, named Prince Rich.
He was so kind,  he brought his most LOVELY wife,  Princess Deena
some potted mums for the front porch.

That evening as Princess Deena was watering the mums, 
she heard a noise.  Not sure what it was, she continued to water
& the noise was heard by the lovely princess two more times.
Then the noise stopped.

The next day, as the princess was passing the front door
she saw something in her pot of mums, and opened the door
to go outside.  This is what she saw. The toad had come
home with the mums & made the strange noises when he
got wet. 

The moral of the story is you don't have to kiss a toad
to have a Prince of a husband.

Love to my dear hubby
Fondly, Deena
PS, I love the TOAD too!!

Friday, October 05, 2007

Tis Show & Tell Friday~ My LOVELY rocker

My new "olde" rocker. My bestest ever friend, Marcia
gave this to me on Wednesday. It belonged to her parents, but it looks
so nice in my room!! Marcia said her mama told her she was given
the rocker when she had her baby..cuz mama's are suppose to
rock their babes.
I can't believe her mom said  I could own  it.
It's a lovely velvet, with wonderful wood,  carving at the top & it folds up too.
Oh I love it dearly, but not nearly as much as I love my sweet
friend Marcia, she's my rock, next to God & my hubby.
I know it's mature( the rocker) ..I think it was mature  when it was given as a
 present OVER 50 years ago. 
When I showed my husband ..he sat in it ...rocked a bit and 
said "it's not really a manly chair"...LOL, I told's NOT for 
you silly!!!

Thanks again to  Kelli of No Place Like Home  for hosting Show & Tell Friday. Visit HERE for more participants.
Fondly, Deena

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Our Friend Loves to Pose for Photos

Here he/she?? is. Spotted while watering my Love in a Puff. You'd believe
me if you'd been here , he really did pose & WATCHED me for sure.
It was so fun, hubby even wanted to take some pics I'm sharing them all.
This was one of the bigger Praying Mantis' I've seen. Check out his teeny
lil eyes & ?antennas?
He finally got bored with me & decided to move on!!
lol, Deena

Monday, October 01, 2007

Hope Sees a Star

In honor of two of our artists who lost teen children
some artists have donated creations for an auction
In Memory of Stevie & Brianna
I HOPE you'll visit & bid generously
God wants us to be His body here on your heart
Love in Him, Deena