Friday, October 19, 2007

Show & Tell Friday!!

I missed last week, but I do have something I think is
FUN for this week.  I'm not nutty, I just love
nature !! I got SO excited when I saw this
on my walk to get pictures of all the lovely color
here in the Singing Woods. 
Here's a preview of the trees
on my walk. More to come in the next 
few days.
I had to get close, as it was so awesome in design & so large.
Hanging from a small branch of a small tree, close enough to the
road that I could see it. I was looking for turkey, deer, foxes & special
birds. I thought as windy as the day was they wouldn't hear me coming.
I took pictures of beautiful trees..more to come in a few days. No birds, saw turkey, but
didn't get a deer or fox.
So here's my find.
Based on what I could find, I believe it's a Baldfaced Hornet's Nest.
It is as big as a laundry basket, with texture that looks like paper.
At the bottom , I could see the hole they used to come & go.
YES, it's still there in the tree..I wasn't ABOUT to touch it..just lil
ole me in the wood by myself?? no way

Thanks to Kelli for hosting "Show & Tell Friday"
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Anonymous said...

ya nut!

nannykim said...

wow--that is very impressive and has a beauty of its own (even if there is some danger!)

Lady_MSnow said...

Wow!!! Please tell me you have a very strong Zoom lens on your camera. ;)

Quinne said...

The trees are so pretty - we are seeing lots of wonderful color here now. And that hornets nest is gorgeous (if one can possibly say that about anything to do with a hornet). I love the swirls and that they look almost woven. Blessings! Q

Miss Eagle said...

How much God has written in the Book of Nature! It is beautiful but I am glad you didn't feel the hornet's sting.

Blessings and bliss

Penless Thoughts said...

Wow!! That is so neat. God's creatures are so amazing!!! Even us!!!

Amy ~ (Life's Small Treasures) said...

WOW again~ That looks huge. I wouldn't have touched it either ;) I love the picture of the fall trees so beautiful!

Thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

If I had known you were going to come across this, I would of flown up there and made sure that beauty would be hanging next to the others in my home! It is gorgeous!
Thanks for showing us and thanks for leaving it there for others to maybe come across. (I wouldn't have been able to resist.)

SweetAnnee said...

Dear Anonymous
it's very dangerous to remove them
until it is COLD here.
... I know where it is in the woods,
but I don't think hubby will let me bring
it in the house.
Come visit , LOL, I'll take you to it
and help you get it down
smiles, Deena

Lana said...

just glad you didn't get stung!

it is beautiful though.

Anna said...

I am beginning to think that we do have same forest, or park, lol. Anna :) Check my post from this summer: (copy and paste the link)

Mica Garbarino said...

WOW !!!! That is truly amazing and utterly beautiful !!!! WoW !!!!! WOW !!!!wOw !!!!!

Mica from and The Child's Paper Blog

Mary said...

Bees are the most amazing creatures. Did you know that if there were no bees on Earth that mankind would cease to exist within 4 years. I saw that on the TV on a science show.

Bald-faced hornets are very dangerous. Please use extreme caution when near this nest.

Have a safe and happy weekend.

kecia said...

okay, now i really have the heebie jeebies! bees never bothered (or their nests) until i was stung badly a few years ago. now i shudder involuntarily and felt sweaty looking at that nest! i think i need counseling!