Thursday, October 04, 2007

Our Friend Loves to Pose for Photos

Here he/she?? is. Spotted while watering my Love in a Puff. You'd believe
me if you'd been here , he really did pose & WATCHED me for sure.
It was so fun, hubby even wanted to take some pics I'm sharing them all.
This was one of the bigger Praying Mantis' I've seen. Check out his teeny
lil eyes & ?antennas?
He finally got bored with me & decided to move on!!
lol, Deena


Lorraine said...

He's/she's cool!LOL!! We had a big one in our yard last year..he liked to go after the Mantis around here this year....

Jean said...

What great photos! They are n amazing insect, for sure. Thanks for sharing! Love them!

Deb said...

I've never seen a praying mantis. He looks like a big grasshopper :-}

Peg said...

Amazing pictures thank you for sharing :o)

kecia said...

oh my gosh - a star is born! you need to name him (or did you?)