Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The day my cousin sent this, I let our doggy dear Hannah Hope out b4 daybreak & heard the Great Horned in the woods behind us.

since youre a nature lover, i thought you of all people would appreciate these photos. this is the great horned owl that was sitting on my back fence a lil over a year ago. the fence at that house was just about 4 or 5ft from my back door. i looked out the door one evening and there he was just staring right inside my house. he appeared on sasha's four month birthday. he sat there for about 3 hours just peering in the door. i went and got sasha so they could see each other. i felt like he is her animal totem. when i was pregnant with her the winter before, i would always hear an owl hooting out back. i never saw it though. that summer after she was born, this one showed up. owl's are known to be fierce protectors. it made me feel like this owl had been watching over me when i was pregnant and he had come to the door to finally see this baby he was protecting. sounds kinda corny im sure, but its just a feeling i have. whether anyone has faith in that story or not, the pictures still came out really cool. and its rare that a big owl like that would be hanging out right in the middle of town, and sitting on someone's fence in the middle of the day. it was truly a magical and spiritual experience to have this majestic .

"there are so many ways to wear what we have before its gone. to make use of what is there, you know, i dont wear anything i cant wipe my hands on. im looking for the holes, ...the holes in your jeans. are they worn out in the seat or are they worn out in the knees?"
-ani difranco

Thursday, October 23, 2008

We Have a New Bird


visiting the last 2 days, even looking at him/her & the bird book we are not sure what it is besides a woodpecker. Rich and I have narrowed it to 1 we think it may be, but still not
sure. It was just too dark for the camera to do well , but it looked so good when we were looking. I'm going to send his picture around and get him identified. He is out of his visit zone..whomever he may be..or she
I was so excited I was shaking like a leaf
My God visit today

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Nestle's First Award

I'll be back after some rest, to pass it on to 7 friends
alright already who can stick to just 7???

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Crab Tree finally the deer arrive
yes if you see this, deer are around..tis little but not as lil as bunny droppings

the wood
Click to enlarge love my birds

We have new homes on both sides of us, the construction has kept them away but they are rutting now~~

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Autumn in the Woods

Going home up Singing Woods Road today