Sunday, August 20, 2006

Can't you just SMELL these roses.
It's finally turned cooler here at night.
I love sleeping with "Night Music"
sometimes it's Barred Owls
always crickets
frogs & some nights late ..we wake up
to the howling of coyotes..I love the sound
but scares me too.
School has started here and only two of my
six grandsons aren't old enough for school.
Wow, it makes it easier on mom's during the day.
I'm looking forward to long walks as the weather continues
to cool and the leaves begin to turn.
I'll be Autumn decorating starting Sept. 1st and
I plan to post some pictures
Time for bed, I'm up early weekdays now
Celebrate Life

Sunday, August 13, 2006

All Hallow's Eve Creation

My latest hand did ..available now on eBay
from a Sweet Pea pattern. FOLKy for All Hallow's Eve.
Back to school tomorrow for my baby who's a senior this
year off to beauty rest for me, up early every weekday

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Another Hummingbird Picture

I love this picture, I was sitting at the window seat in my"creating room" aka
the BIG MESS & there he was (she)..I had the camera right there, so I snapped
this pic. It's far away & thru the screen, but I love it!!
I don't know how folks get pics of a feeder full of hummers, my hummer family runs everyone off, even the chickadees~ He didn't even use to let his own wife get any food~guess he never learned to share.
Last night hubby & I went for an evening walk with our Hannah dog. One of the
horses at the stable came to the fence to visit & my dog got so jealous when she
saw me petting & cooing. Next time I told Rich he has to take a camera. Maybe
I'll get him to take a pic of my horse friend and me!
smiles. Deena

Monday, August 07, 2006

Hummingbird Pictures

I just had to share. I was out taking pictures
of some hand dids for eBay
I guess I was too close to the feeders, the hummers
kept flying around me.
I finally decided I'd best get THEIR pictures too
They are so fun, friendly & BOLD

Sunday, August 06, 2006


Some great news, Simply Primitives artists will be having a "Harvest Thyme"
auction on eBay from Sept 10th-17th
We'll have LOTS of great items for you.
Dana of PrimitivesbyDana even made a banner & an auction template
for all us to use.
Some facts about the "Dog days of August"
August is the time for a Hummingbird show, lots of hummers out there, the new crop of youngsters too. Keep your feeders full as lots will pass on their way south.
American Goldfinch are just beginning to raise their babes. They like to nest as the bull thistle produces seeds. They line their nests with it's down & it's seed is the major source of food for their babies!!
Look for the Perseid Meteor Shower from 8/11 to 8/13
find the spot in your area & see 10-30 meteors an hour