Sunday, August 06, 2006


Some great news, Simply Primitives artists will be having a "Harvest Thyme"
auction on eBay from Sept 10th-17th
We'll have LOTS of great items for you.
Dana of PrimitivesbyDana even made a banner & an auction template
for all us to use.
Some facts about the "Dog days of August"
August is the time for a Hummingbird show, lots of hummers out there, the new crop of youngsters too. Keep your feeders full as lots will pass on their way south.
American Goldfinch are just beginning to raise their babes. They like to nest as the bull thistle produces seeds. They line their nests with it's down & it's seed is the major source of food for their babies!!
Look for the Perseid Meteor Shower from 8/11 to 8/13
find the spot in your area & see 10-30 meteors an hour

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