Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Another Hummingbird Picture

I love this picture, I was sitting at the window seat in my"creating room" aka
the BIG MESS & there he was (she)..I had the camera right there, so I snapped
this pic. It's far away & thru the screen, but I love it!!
I don't know how folks get pics of a feeder full of hummers, my hummer family runs everyone off, even the chickadees~ He didn't even use to let his own wife get any food~guess he never learned to share.
Last night hubby & I went for an evening walk with our Hannah dog. One of the
horses at the stable came to the fence to visit & my dog got so jealous when she
saw me petting & cooing. Next time I told Rich he has to take a camera. Maybe
I'll get him to take a pic of my horse friend and me!
smiles. Deena

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