Wednesday, June 14, 2006

OH mY it's Wednesday already

I can't believe I haven't posted in so long. Today my first hollyhock bloomed appeared. My minature hollyhocks are in bloom also, I think they are called Marsh Mallows. I also took this picture of one of my wonderful roses to share, didn't notice the ants in the blooms, but I love it!!

Nature depending on nature, and the colors of the roses are so mixed. This one isn't fragrant but it is pretty!

My little Carolina Wren is busy taking care of babes, not sure how many she has, I can only hear a tiny peeping inside the birdhouse. They must not be big enough to look out the opening yet. I plan to sit quietly out there with a camera to get a picture.

We have LOTS of lil chickadees around lately too, tiny new ones! Such fun.

Oh , my Hannah dog, ran off Monday morning, after a day of searching for her, she is NOT street smart..I called the animal shelter 25 miles away. She was THERE, got picked up about 10 miles from home on the HIGHWAY. She had a hunk taken off between her eyes and all she did was sleep on Tuesday, what an ordeal. I won't trust her outside of the fence again.

Last night when I took the garbage cans out at dusk, I could here the Wild Turkeys in the woods..gobble gobble and late..coyotes again. Good thing I'm not scared

Hubby was away for work, so I watched MOVIES!! YEAH
Kill Bill 1
Kill Bill2
When a Stranger Calls
and stayed up LATE
in bed to watch!! That's a treat for me

Well, I didn't get anything done for
but I will start making things for next month NOW.

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