Thursday, June 01, 2006

As promised here's pictures of the butterflies, the top one is a Tiger Swallowtail & the bottom one is a GREAT Tiger Swallowtail. There were 4 of them flutter around on the fleurs. I went out to take a pic & they just fluttered around & got so close. They were beautiful & I had not seen any of these since I was a TOMBOY. LOL

These are flowers in baskets on our back deck, seemed they liked the petunias best. Even my friend Mr Hummer likes these.

Today was cooler & a bit of rain this afternoon, BUT I finally mastered hubby's camera . It takes WAY better pics than mine.. Hum, he'll have to share now.

Tomorrow two more of my garden friends will be posted

and the WONDERFUL new birdhouse I got from Jen of Country Rustics, love it!!

Oh ..the OWL's are HootinG out in the dark, I love to hear them.

Pleasant dreams, night

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