Sunday, June 04, 2006

Weekend Happenings

I love the way my new bird house from Country Rustic looks atop the arch. You can find her work on I sure hope we get birds to nest there. It's very close to where the Carolina Wrens are nesting & where the Robin's nested earlier this Spring, so I'm thinking it's a good spot.

Here's my little Hummer guy, he's a Ruby Throat, which is all we get here in Illinois.
He sits on this one branch that has no leaves so he can see his FEEDERS. I read the males will often perch where they can see their food source and will fight off others looking for food.
Tee HEE , lil guy , but thinks he's tough.
I planted lots of new things this weekend. I'll be posting pics as things begin to bloom.
Sunday evening I worked setting up the store for the Bath & Body Works, semi annual sale, lots of fun things on sale. I'll be going in early on Monday to SHOP!!
I listed some great mache cones on eBay & I have some larger ones I'll be finishing up also.
I got a new pattern from Walnut Ridge I'll be making the first of the week. Looks so fun!!
Be sure to search SPSG on eBay to see all the great primitives!!
HubbY just came down , cuz he heard coyotes yipping he's gone outside to ??see?? them ..EEEEKKK.
I'm gonna go jump in bed and read a bit , my favorite thing to do before sleep.
More coming soon

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