Friday, June 02, 2006

Hope ya don't think "UCK" as Toadie is my gardening buddy. He's always by my garden hose waiting in the mornings. It's also a bit shady & damp there, so I'm sure it's cool for him too.
Boy do we have chipmunk friends too, this lil guy is under the hostas grabbing the bits of bird seed on the ground. One of the family tunneled under some Cosmos seedlings I just got started..ggrrrr...they still seem to be growing , but if they don't I'm gonna go yell at him!!
I never knew such a lil guy could make SO much noise. When my dog Hannah chases him he SCREAMS..oh my's hilarious..he's so little but so LOUD
Today I planted 20 PINK Lily of the Valley pips and 4 Ostrich Ferns. Tomorrow I have 4 FoxGloves to plant & hubby says he wants to go plant shopping tomorrow..YIPPEE!! I am always ready for that.
Tonight it's "girl's nite out" three girls. the dog, cat and me are on the porch with music and LOTS of's so cool out , and I have screens to keep the skeeters off me. The laptop sure comes in handy for porch parties!!
I didn't get that lovely birdhouse photographed today, but I will!! It's a treasure.
OH one last thing , my delphiniums are in BLOOM, lovely!!

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