Tuesday, July 03, 2007

God Bless America

Land that I love.
Do you ever comtemplate on how fortunate we are to live in this country? I do. I feel blessed to have been born of parents who call America their home. We could just as easily live where fighting, bombing, death is an EVERY day event, never feeling safe inside or outside your home, or starving somewhere in a desert, watching our children die . America IS the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, whether we agree with our leaders or not, we should still be proud of our country, fight for her & cherish what our flag symbolizes.

I was in the doctors office one day and some (older than me folks) were discussing our President in such a negative way, I wanted to stand up and ask them if they felt fortunate to live here?? Why would you speak so badly about a man who has led us through 9/11 in such a compassionate way. My passion for my beliefs sometimes has to remain in check, as I know not everyone believes the same as I. That's the beauty of America. In some countries talk like that could mean prison or even death.

I just want to say thank you to all our military who have served, & who serve now, to keep us free & safe. God be with each of you. I am indebted to you for MY freedom.

Enjoy the festivities, be safe & pursue happiness this 4th...Deena

Tis my eagle made from a "Homespun Heart" pattern with some aged paper wings.


Suzanne said...

Thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts Deena. We are very blessed indeed. Happy 4th to you!

Lana said...

Amen Deena!

God Bless!

ps. your eagle is beautiful!

Elaine Thomas said...

Very Beautiful thoughts I agree with Suzanne and Lana.

Happy 4th to you and your family.


Christe' said...

dear Deena,

such a lovely tribute Deena.
We are indeed very blessed. I hope you had a wonderful day with all your dear family celebrating together.
We are so very blessed in so many ways.I give thanks and pray for our leaders and those who watch over us everyday.
Thank you for your lovely and heartfelt words. I was so glad to read them.