Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Happy Birthday to my BABY

On the 18th anniversary of your arrival, I reflect upon some of the memories you've given me.

**When you were 3 and said "mom , I'll never leave you, we'll be angels in heaven together**

**How when I read to you each night you ALWAYS knew when I skipped something in the book**

**How I cried at your first dance recital when you were 4**

**How cute you looked at 5 on a pony**

**How proud I was of you when you entered into "Washington Gifted School**

**The recipe book your class made at school when you were 7, your OWN ideas of cooking**

**How lovely & excited you looked on the way to the Cottillion**

**Watching you sing & dance as a "hotbox girl" in Guys & Dolls in high school**

** The times you were so sad , you cut yourself & I told you I loved you more than life over & over**

**Our giggling when I taught you to drive & you weren't so good, ok you were BAD at driving**

**My heart sinking as YOU drove away last weekend, heading for you own apartment in your own car**

**How wonderful it was that you called today & said you felt awesome being 18 & independent**

As we both begin a new adventure, I know life will bring more wonderful & some not so wonderful
memories, but they will be OURS to share.

I love you Mercedes!!! your adoring mama, Deena


Lorraine said...

Awww...how sweet!!*sniff*sniff*
Happy 18th, Mercedes!!

Deb said...

Sending Happy Birthday Wishes to your daughter.
Such a beautiful post!

Nanny's Cottage said...

What an endearing blog! The picture of the empty nest has touched my heart.....

Suzanne said...

Oh Deena, what a beautiful post. Happy Birthday Mercedes!

lovetheprimlook said...

That is a wonderful post...I know I will be feeling the same way in 3 years.


Rilda Peel said...

I know it is hard to give them wings to fly but it wouldn't be fair to us or them to keep them safe under our wings forever. As a parent teaching as best we can and then letting them learn on their own is a sweet gift to bestow. Sending a big pat on the back for all you two have done, do and gonna do in this time of growning in the unknown zone. What a bless it adventure! Been there and doing that. *U*

Lana said...

What sweet memories Deena!