Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Asking for Prayer's for the Joyce Family

An update, prayers are STILL needed, Chris went to our Heavenly Father on Sunday. Please visit the BLOG . The family needs alot of love & support.
With love in Christ, Deena


A young family needs your prayers..Chris , Mandy & their children have been on my prayer list for quite a while now.
It has been a VERY emotional journey, times of miracles, ups , & downs & sadness and joy. Chris' story has been
a witness of the power of prayer & the love our Lord.

You may visit their BLOG @
I am requesting you
ask our Lord to guide the family thru the future.

Tammie , Mandy's mom, is my friend...She lost her young husband to cancer after years of battling. This
has been VERY hard on her also.

Remember to show your love & greet each day as a gift.
Fondly, Deena


Lorraine said...

May God be with them....I will keep praying....

Annie said...

So sad. Thank you for posting this.


Lana said...

Already in my prayers. Bless you for caring so much Deena.