Monday, May 11, 2009

Snow White & Her Visitors

My Breast Doctor, Denise Mammilito, me (aka Snow White)  & my Breast Friend, Sally
at The Race for the Cure, Saturday, May 9th.

An American Goldfinch in the trees after he flew into the windows
& was rescued by Snow White..
(notice the hair)

Mr Tom, just outside our fence..waiting for Ms Hen

An Oriole on the Finch feeder

Mr Bluebird...watching out for his house and family

Ms Hen getting a drink from the bird bath

Mr Ruby Throated Hummingbird watching over his food
& waiting for a Mrs   No girls here yet


The Victorian Parlor said...

Oh my gosh these pictures are wonderful! God Bless you for saving that little bird:) What an amazing person you are-talented photographer, saving God's creatures, and walking to help others!

May your week be filled with blessings and please know that you are in my prayers every day!


Diane said...

Great pictures of you, Deena. I love the one with you holding the little bird. I really hope you're doing much better.

Tami said...


What wonderful pictures!! I love that you saved the little yellow finch.....what a blessing that you were able to hold it!

May you have a wonderful week!

Darla said...

Wonderful photos here.

Ginnymo said...

Great post Deena! What an amazing thing. You holding that Goldfinch! How awesome is that?!! Hope you are feeling okay. You look great! Love all the photos! Hugs!

Terry said...

I saw our first female hummingbird yesterday! I'm always so excited when my hummers come back in the spring! And how cool to hold a goldfinch! Glad to see him back in the tree! :0)

BECKY said...

Hi Deena,
You do spread yourself around, huh? Our world needs more people like you!! Just love all of your winged visitors!! I haven't had time in the last few days to watch mine!! :o( Next week!!


Anonymous said...

Deena, how did you EVER get that bird to sit on your hand?! My husband has had chickadees do that and our daughter, pine siskins, but never a goldfinch!

Someone Upstairs is watching over you! I think this little bird is saying "God loves you". :-)


The Birdlady said...

These are great - especially the one of Snow White with her pixie-do and big smile!

Cherrie said...

Love you pictures, thank you for sharing! My favorite is you holding the bird.