Saturday, May 30, 2009


Today, as I took Suet Bites out for the Blue Birds..I glanced at their box.
I saw NEST hanging out of the top of the box.  OH NO
I looked at it..knew something was wrong, looked on the ground 
below the box .  I saw LOTS of little feathers there amongst the herbs.
I know what the sight of a murder looks like, having Sharp Shin
Hawks attack birds in the yard here in the winter.

I went to get hubby, Rich and he brought a ladder..looked in the
box , lest something traumatic was in the nest.  Nothing there, no
babies..not a sign of  babies.

Here's daddy sitting at his usual perch, I wonder how he feels.  Will
they use this same nest for their second brood?? Do they know what
happened to their babies?? Oh I just cried.  

On a positive note, I discovered that a Black Capped Chickadee is nesting
in my wren box.  Wish there was something I could do to protect them.
I don't hear any babes yet, she's made her nest there in the last week.

I have some GREAT hummingbird pictures from today too, that
I will post soon.  I so love my home. Rich's BFF was here today
& said "What is this, Warner's Circus" we have lots of little animals too.

Go outside, look around, smell the roses..and the TREES..and US,
how could ANYONE doubt God made this????? It is NOT just 
a big boom happenstance..It's DIVINE !  Everything is PERFECT.
Yes we've evolved from what we were in the Beginning, but we
were created as humans in God's image.


Cheryl said...

Hi sad....made me shed a tear for the bluebird babies.....if only we could protect all we care for, sadly life is not like that.......

I walk my gardens everyday and thank God for all that is around me........I am truly blessed to be here and I never ever forget that.....

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

That is so sad about your blue birds. I have a box with them also and I would hate to have something happen to them. This is the first year for my bluebird box and I was so thrilled when I saw them going into the box. We never had any blue birds around here. I think I will put up a couple more boxes this fall for more of them.

ShySongbird said...

So sad Deena, these things upset me so much. I found a juvenile Starling today, trapped inside a fat ball holder, I had never seen anything like it , I just can't imagine how it managed to squeeze itself in there, but my husband managed to gently cut it out with a small wire cutter and it seemed to be ok, it was so calm while he did it!

Ginnymo said...

Oh Deena! I am so sorry that the baby Bluebirds got killed. I wonder what got in there?? By the looks of the feathers, they were a pretty good size already? or were those feathers the mother's too?? I would cry my head off too if that happened here. How sad nature can be at times. I hope you will enjoy the Wren's nest and hope they will be okay. It seems something small has to be getting in. maybe another bird?? Do other birds kill like that??

Ginnymo said...

I meant to say the Black-Capped Chickadee nest.

Cherrie said...

How sad!

Diane said...

Deena, I'm so sorry, this time of the year is so worrisome. What with cats and other preditors it makes me wonder how any of the beautiful, precious little birds make it. On a good note, your last remarks about your home and God's work in our life were very uplifting.

Blossom said...

I love birds, too! Sadly, I don't have many of them here. So sorry for the bluebird ...

BECKY said...

Makes me sad too. When my little front door eggs were left behind, the dad came and perched on the basket twice and looked into the nest. I wondered too, what he was thinking.

God's creation is beautiful, and sadly for us, the food chain is part of it. Makes it difficult some times.

Tender blessings and hugs, Deena

The Feathered Nest said...

Hi sweet friend, this is so very sad to family was just able to save a brown thrasher babe from the jaws of several cats though...I'm so thankful!!! hugs and love, Dawn

Jayne said...

Oh Deena... so sorry to hear about your baby bluebirds. :c( Nature can be cruel, which is why I suppose they attempt three or more broods a season. I so hope they do nest again, and that you have babies in the near future.

Debra said...

Deena, I'm so sorry-this is something that pierces a bird-lover's heart.

Terry said... sad for the bluebird family. We have them here and they're such beautiful and sweet birds! Cool about the black capped chickadee nest though! :0)

Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

Your poor bluebirds.
:( I'm so sorry.
Anxious to hear how things go with the wren house though!
Hey Deena,
what kind of bird makes a nest in a bush that you can't tell HOW they get into the nest? I see no entrance? It's weird!

Dirt Princess said...

nooooooooooooo! Dang hawks!I found two baby bunnies around Easter that they had attacked. One little baby died (Scooter). I know they have to eat too, but stay out of the garden!

Anonymous said...

Hi Deena,
Because of your post I have just learn of Suet Bites. We have bluebirds and I'm going to get some for them.
Squirrels are the most common predator of baby birds here.

marly said...

Hi Deena. Just came across your post on the bluebirds. We have lots of birdhouses and learned that we can't attach them to trees. The raccoons climb the trees and reach in the houses and take the birds. We secure them to very flimsy branches that the raccoons are too heavy for, or for bluebirds, attach to a metal pole. Slipping a slinky toy over the pole before the feeder or house, and attaching securely, is the only trick that keeps our squirrels and coons off. Very comical to watch them try to climb!

Anonymous said...