Sunday, May 24, 2009

Great Weather Here

My favorite Columbine ..Nora Barlow
in pink, magenta & white *which blooms light green*
The first bloom on my Isaac Pierre

The male and female Gold Finches are sharing a meal on our deck.

This was on the ground, upside down after a windy thunderstorm
with the broken eggs all over the ground. 
Poor Robins, they have lost one nest each year in our yard.
Blown by wind..and in differenet trees each time.


Tami said...

Gorgeous flowers, love the bird nest....robins eggs are such a beautiful shade of blue!

Have a wonderful memorial day!!

Diane said...

Beautiful picture of the bird's nest even though it's so sad for the robins. They're such sweet birds. Hope you're having a nice weekend, Love, Diane

Jayne said...

Your flowers are so beautiful Deena. So sad to see the nest on the ground. Hope she tries again. Hugs to you today.

Ginnymo said...

Lovely flowers! I feel sad for the Robins that lost their nest. Your Goldfinches are so pretty at that feeder. I'm still waiting for at least one to come..LOL It is a beautiful day here also. Perfect weather. Take care.