Thursday, May 25, 2006

Wednesday & Thursday

Here's the only all red bird in Illinois, the Summer Tanager. Even the Cardinal has other colors on him. This is the FIRST Tanager I have seen, ever!! Right here on the edge of the Singing Woods. He didn't leave when I opened the kitchen window to take his picture either!! woo hoo
Also visiting are male House Finch, Female House Finch & American Gold Finch.
Don't ya think it's funny that the animal & bird kingdom males have to be SO colorful & fancy in order to get the females to become their friends!!??
tee hee
I planted some "Mouse Ear" coreopsis & some BLUE delphinium today. Sure hope they thrive.
Working on the digging of the rose bed, they should arrive soon.
I also listed a couple of goodies on eBay today. Fun stuff for sewing & a little Make Do dolly.
Be sure to check out
for Simply Primitive artisans listings on eBay.
Tomorrow is the LAST day of school for Mercedes, my youngest , a junior in high school. No more running twice a day, hope I'll create more with the extra time I'll have. Here's a picture of her, isn't she gorgeous?

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