Tuesday, May 23, 2006

First of the Week

Monday was creating day, did a bit of sewing & gardening.
Sat with hubby on the deck for some bird watching & Mr. Hummer
decided to fly in to check us out. He stopped at each of the feeders, then went
to his fave lil branch to perch & spy!! LOL

Tuesday it was stock up on cleaning supplies. Went to my fave Target & got
cleaning ..some yummy candles . Even picked up a Shabby Chic under the bed
storage box, made of cloth. Now to decide what creating supplies to put in it.
It's beautiful here today. I got an email saying my roses are ON the WAY,
I've got a place on the side yard I'm turning into a small rose garden. Can't wait!!

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teresa & grumpy too said...

Hey there,
A note to tell, we are JEALOUS, roses & delphinium's in BLOOM????Our forsythia, and bleeding hearts, just went by, the lilacs, are almost there, along with the peonies, various shrubbery from the spirea family, the goatsbeard...

Ah yes, we do live, in the Northeast, where we get a couple weeks of spring followed by two weeks of summer, then, its almost winter...
thanks for sharing the blossoms, Miss Deena