Thursday, September 13, 2007


This lil gal caught my eye when I was washing dishes yesterday. She isn't someone we see in our yard. I KNEW I had to get her PICTURE she is & according to the Illinois Bird Book, she doesn't come here. 
We found here in the Birds of North America and she ONLY visits the West's proof, she's here. She's a BlackHeaded GrossBeak and hubby and I are DELIGHTED she visited us!! God sends us little packages of delight daily, we need only be open to see them.

LOL, she's on the right..and her lunch partner is a lil finch.


Here's a Nuthatch enjoying a bite, they visit the summer!!


Lana said...

How sweet Deena! Those little daily blessings are so precious. I'm learning to appreciate the simple joys more and more. Thanks for sharing them with us.

GardenGoose said...

how neat!

GardenGoose said... I forgot to say... am having a wee drawing on my blog..feel free to join in if you'd like.