Monday, January 14, 2008

Through the Window

Oh how I love my Woodpeckers.
The top one is a Downy Woodpecker, tis
a female as males have more red on the tip 
of their heads...
..and the other pictures are my 
most fave Red Belly Woodpecker.
All dressed up in his black & white!!
This one is a male, I can tell by the amount
of red on his head.

I took these through the window it
snowed a bit and I can't risk slipping on the deck.
It's been 1 month and two days since surgery!
a MileStonE....Deena


Jan Parrish said...

You are so creative, always updating your blog and adding cool back grounds.

I hope these little guys don't wander over to your house and start pecking.

Sweet Remembrance said...

Oh Deena...I always love your photos through the window!
Thanks for always sharing...

Beemoosie said...

Beautiful photos! Woodpeckers are some of my favorites also!

Blessings to you!

Lori said...

Deena, i hope you are doing well after your surgery...and i am so glad that you stopped over to see me today because google reader was finally working for me and i was able to plug you in...i love your pictures through the window and i have to say your windows are much cleaner than mine and your hawk picture below puts the one i posted {also taken through the window} to shame:)

Kim said...

I hope you are healing well, and enjoying the warm birdwatching through the window. At one time I had a red cockaded woodpecker (protected) in my chimney, took an afternoon to get him safely out! Kim G

Daughter of the King said...

great pictues..

Sharon said...

You are so lucky to have such wonderful views from your window! Great pictures!

~ Sharon

Mary said...


Oh, how lovely. I love woodpeckers. My favorites are red-headed woodpeckers. We had one here all last year, but haven't seen or heard him since fall. How wonderful that they visit your feeder.

Tis' cold here as well and has been snowing all night and is still snowing just after noon.

Love and blessings,

Doreen said...

We have Red Bellied woodpeckers at our feeders...which...according to my bird book..are not in Vermont.

Three winters ago one came..he is so very focal...I named him Ben..I have watched his life progress....I actually have kept a journal on him....after two winters I saw a second bird and this summer I actually saw them feeding their young. This winter there are several here as the whole family must live here now...I can always tell Ben though...He is definately the noisiest of them all and the largest.