Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Close Encounter

Me before chemo..Cancer SUCKS~~~

 A sweet little Nuthatch hit the window and fell into a pot of 
plants today. I went out to rescue him.  He was SO scared when
I first picked him up, but as I soothed him and talked to him,
he started looking at me ..and seemed he was listening..
Just after hubby snapped this picture, my sweet bird friend
flew off to a nearby Hickory Tree.  PLEASE pardon my appearance, 
this is my post chemotherapy look..LOL
I promise I "clean up nice"

We had rain for days, this guy just rested on our house above the deck.

The raindrops visible on the wood.

The hummers were out today ..Sunday ..after the rain subsided..the daylight was
slipping away and the pictures aren't sharp.. He kept buzzing by my head.


Cindy B said...

Isn't it something to enjoy nature as you obviously mom always had this sign in her garden..."one is never closer to God than when in a garden" I think that is true most place we look at nature and marvel His crations.
You are such a lovely lady!..chemo sure can make one sick though and I saw my best friend have the same affect. I am glad to say, she is now cancer free . Keep enjoying the outdoor and is very healing in its own right. I alwasy enjoy coming to the singing woods...and viewing the beauty both in, and around you. Cindy B

Diane said...

You're a beautiful lady in both the before and after pictures. In the first picture you weren't holding a live bird in your hand in the most gentle, beautiful way. Cancer is a monster. I'm so glad that you're looking so well. We all long for the way we looked, cancer or not. Sometimes I look at my photograph books and almost cry because I didn't think I looked good then and now I'm sure I don't.

Jayne said...

Hi Deena, It's so lovely to meet you and find your beautiful blog. I love the photo with the nuthatch safe in your hands. :c) I've added you to my Bloglines and look forward to visiting regularly. Thanks for stopping by my Journey Through Grace.

Debra said...

A beautiful bird you are. Lovely before, and lovely after. That's why he was lookin' at ya.
Love, Debra

Mary said...


You are a beautiful lady and as I tell the boys outward appearance doesn't matter. You have such a wonderful heart, my friend. I'm so glad your hair is back and that you are making such a good comeback.

Nature is balm for the soul. I'm so glad you were able to soothe the little bird and help him recover so it could go on its way.

Praying for you, my friend.

JoJo said...

Deena, cancer may have taken it's toll on your outside but it hasn't taken your spirit. The outward appearance will come back ~~ maybe a bit different, a lot wiser, but it will be back.
I love the picture of you with the nuthatch. God's creation holding one of God's creations.

The Birdlady said...

Well so nice to "meet" you! It looks as though you're getting out to photograph a bit more - hope that means you're feeling much better.

Lois said...

I think you look beautiful. All the best - I am so happy I found your blog

CIELO said...

Like that little bird in your hands you are in God's loving hands--like the bird, look up...up up! Look up to your Heavenly Father, Deena, look up! Trust your Father.



Miss Sandy said...

How awesome to have a little bird rest in your hand. I am sorry to hear about your health. I will put you on my prayer list.

Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

Hi Deena,
I'm so happy to meet you and so happy to have visited your beautiful blog this evening.
I can't get over how that sweet little bird was looking at you! Amazing, and then it just flew awayYyYYYYYy!
I too think you are beautiful... and I can tell already, inside as well as out.
and like Cielo said...
Keep lookin uP!
Blessings and love
from the potting shed ;)

Anonymous said...

OH Deena! That was God saying hello...:) YOU are BEAUTIFUL inside and out! Jackie O (dove2mist)

Tammy said...

What a beautiful lady you are Deena! Before and after! You are a sweet soul. What a wonderful moment you had with that little fella. So sweet. It was a treat to have it captured by your bubby. A very nice photo moment.
I am so glad that you commented on my blog. I will be back here, regularly.