Thursday, August 26, 2010

I'm Doing Good, Sharing Some Autumn

Hello my friends of nature.
Just wanted to share a bit.

Can you see the holes on my forehead?? Click to enlarge.

Sweet Autumn Clematis on the fence.

I'm doing good today. Our weather is perfect.
A dear friend of mine sent me some Sweet Annie
and some Sweet Autumn Clematis earlier this season.

They are both growing well. The Clematis will spread
and spread and smells so lovely in the Autumn Season.

We have such poor soil here I have to baby everything
and just lately it's been really dry.

I am going to go out in a bit and try
to take some Ruby Throat Humming bird pix.

Patience is the key.

Fondly, Deena


Diane said...

Sweet Annie! Perfect for you. The holes just look like beauty marks to me and you look fabulous! Glad you're feeling good today! Diane

Ginnymo said...

Hi Deena! You look beautiful! I can't see any holes at all. I'm happy to see you. Take it easy. I'll be looking forward to those Hummingbird photos. I do hope you won't have to go through any surgeries. Big hug.

wrensnest said...

Deena, It's such a treat to see you looking wonderful!
Glad to hear from you so soon after that Gamma business; I hope you continue to improve.

Eastlake Victorian said...


I hope the surgery went well and you recover completely.

I have Sweet Autumn Clematis on my arbor and I love it! It's such a strong plant, grows quickly, is very hardy, and smells great in the fall when not much else does! I hope you enjoy yours. :-)