Wednesday, May 02, 2007

What a difference FIVE days makes

Here are pictures I took from our back on Saturday April 28 and one today Wednesday May 3..what a difference a few days of nice weather makes ..The leaves look so lovely ..a provide a haven for all matter of wildlife.
smiles, Deena


Katie said...

OH!! How beautiful! You really really do live in some beautiful woods...we have huge pine trees, nothing so sweet and soft as your Singing Woods - I love the pictures you take with your "new" eyes my dear, Deena :)

Christine said...

oh, your view is beautiful...we have beautiful open views as far as the eye can see here.Your Singing Woods looks snug and soft with all the trees around you.

CARole said...

Hello Deena. Thank you for that info about the doves. I never knew that they just lay their eggs right on the ground, and near CATMINT!! OH MY!! Sometimes i wonder about these mommies. Please visit my blog and read about my baby bunnies in my garden, but please know that it is a story with an unhappy ending. Your photos are lovely. Love the birdnest too. Back to gardening.
Happy day.

Suzanne said...

Hi Deena~

Wow! The brush and trees really filled out in just a few days. What a lovely view you have, not only of the woods, but of the wildlife, birds,...and all of God's creatures.


Wendy said...

Hi Deena,
You have such a beautiful view of the woods....and I can't believe how fast the leaves have grown in such a short time!