Monday, April 30, 2007

New Life a Coming

Some new birds are a coming to The Singing Woods!! A Mourning Dove laid the single egg on Saturday morn. They just roost on the ground, no nest or anything..I sure hope the babe makes it. It' next to the Catmint inside our fence on the side yard.
The other picture is the nest full of eggs in the Bluebird house. I am sure it's Chipping Sparrows, and today I heard some faint peeps coming for the house, so I think some babes have hatched already. I'll try to get pictures of the babies too.
I also have a new nest in my birdhouse above my gate, I can't tell what it is, but tis something SMALL who is bringing very soft scraps to build with. Oh I hope I can eventually figure out who's nesting there.
Tis turned EXTRA warm here & the tree leaves are finally coming out!!
Happy May Day to you all,

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Suzanne said...

Happy May Day! Deena~

Beautiful photos!! It is nice to see "Spring has sprung" in your Singing Woods!