Thursday, April 26, 2007

ONCE a year

Usually one time a year we see Mr Red Headed Woodpecker at our backyard feeders. I saw him yesterday about
5.45 AM & told hubby ..redhead, redhead..come quick. My dear hubby got the camera out, the window open & RedHead decided to fly to the tree~~but still Rich got a decent picture of him!!! I love how cool his markings are
and sure wish we'd have gotten him up close. Tis a joy to see new friends in The Singing Woods.

Today, I again checked the bluebird house & again, there was a Sparrow's Nest in it
..I reached in, pulled the nest out, in ONE piece & right before I tossed it to the ground
I looked inside the nest..OH MY , I am SO glad I did. There were four tiny eggs nestled in it.
Needless to say, I gently put the nest back in the box & closed the front. SO , I guess the
Sparrow's will have the box, as no matter what sweet bird that house was intended for, I
would never destroy eggs!!
soo, I hope to get some Sparrow babe picks soon.

enjoy life, Deena

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Katie said...

Darn those Sparrows, huh! They are a little pushy, aren't they...hehe. I love seeing and hearing about the different birds you find - you take the neatest pictures.