Sunday, April 22, 2007

GoldFinch & Red Belly Woodpecker

I have seen so many GoldFinch at the feeders, but they are more shy than usual. I can sit out & see tens of them
in the trees, but right now, they don't want me any closer
..Well I finally got a lil guy who wasn't so fearful of me today. The males are SO bright at nesting time & the gals are just a dull shade of yellow green. In the animal world tis opposite of us humans we ALL know the FEMALE is the one with beauty in the human species.

I was at the SIDE yard ..with my NEW eyes & spotted this FEMALE Red Belly Woodpecker at the feeder, zoomed in & here she is. She has a bit of red on her nape as opposed to the male , who has red on the top of his head..just a touch more than her. And though you can't see , YES their lil bellies are red.

The are nesting in the Hickory Tree, in the back ..even though our bird book says the are NOT nesters in this region...and we had a family last year too. What a delight

Hope life is good in your corner of Heaven.
Fondly, Deena

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