Thursday, April 12, 2007

Me with Glasses for the last time I hope

My gift for my birthday this year will be eyes that see without glasses!! My birthday is Sunday
and tomorrow the 13th, I will be having Lasik Eye Surgery. It will
be wonderful to see the clock in the AM, see the birds in The Courting
Tree without rising to get spectacles on . By Saturday I should be
seeing quite well.

Now the world may see my BLUE eyes again!! Tis a delightful gift from a loving husband.

Till we meet again, Deena

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For Love of Home said...

Deena, thanks for visiting our blog at The Plumtree Antiques, I sent you an email and I am now enjoying your blog. Beautiful photos, I just love birds, I had a yard full of Robins this morning and one lone Blue bird. I think I must have a worm haven out there.
Good luck on your surgery.