Monday, April 09, 2007

Cedar Wax Wings & The Courting Tree

We've been blessed with Cedar Wax Wings for the last week. They love the berries on our tree. Tis just outside our
bedroom window, which gives me a great view of them from my bed.
Tis nesting season & Waxwings use berries to court. The male will take a berry, offer it to the female, she takes the berry & offers it back.
So our crab apple tree has been lovingly renamed to
"The Courting Tree"

I was so lucky today, despite the cold, to get LOTS of pictures of the "lil masked bandits"
So happy to be able to share them!!
enjoy, Deena


Katie said...

I absolutely loved this, Deena! That first picture is so wonderfully beautiful and soft, but clear. The Courting Tree! Oh, I love it so much! You lucky duck!!

Christine said...

Dear Deena, oh I wish I could watch them with you. I love early spring and all that happens along the pond banks & within the trees & shrubs of our farm. I could watch them for hours.
Your pictures are beautiful. I don't think I've ever seen a Cedar Wax Wing...such a gentleman with his courting. So far I've seen our Robins dive bomb at each other...feathers flying! Such romance!
Your Singing Woods is a very beautiful place.