Thursday, April 12, 2007


Tis been so cold here, after all the nice days & warm weather, the buds promising flowers, waking to SNOW
today was so disappointing. We've had COLD days & nights , and after such a long hard winter , the promise
of Spring was so uplifting. My lamb's ear was so growing so fast , I'm sure the bit of snow cover will not harm it.
Can you see the snow atop the bird house?

The migration maps for the Ruby Throated Hummingbirds show them in our area, but I am not able to put
out feeders as the lows in the 20s & not much better in the days will only freeze any nectar. Alas I long for
the little guys to greet me in the garden. I long to dig my hands into the dirt & see the fruits of last years
labor begin to sprout.

I know Spring will come, but I so wish it would come NOW!!

I've been trying to capture the Goldfinches on my camera, but they seem shy right now. Such BRIGHT colors
the males have.

Hope Spring is visiting all of us soon, Deena

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