Saturday, April 26, 2008

Finally!! Here's some Spring

Mz Turkey, shy but SHE comes in to eat seeds, her
girl friend remained OUTSIDE the fence
Indigo Bunting

Our first Ruby Throated Hummingbird..YESTERDAY
Just a lil sparrow, but sweet** His eye is on

the sparrow, and I know He watches me

Visitors this week for the first time this new Spring season


seen but not photographed yet

Eastern Phoebe

Eastern Bluebird

RoseBreasted Grosbeak

Brown Bat

seen but here year round
5 deer running behind us in the forest when my BFF Marcia was here
tis hard to get pics of bats at night

Hope life is lovely where you are


Trudy Honeycutt ~ Folk Artist said...

Cool pictures, Deena!! Love the turkey!!! Spring is being spring here in the mountains.....snowed like crazy for awhile today, but too warm for it to stick. Hope all is well!! Trudy

GreenishLady said...

Life is lovely. Sunshine yesterday. Rain today, but greening up everywhere. So good to see you and your feathered friends returning. Hope you are keeping well.

mon@rch said...

I so agree with you that your spring is here for sure! Finally!

Cheryl said...

Beautiful hummingbird, we do not have them here so I visit as many blogs as I can that are posted them.

Cute turkey.

Spring is here, I think. We have had really cold weather this spring and lost a lot of buds and early leaf growth. This is nature and she can tease sometimes. My space is and me are both happy.

Lori said...

well here you are:) you got a good picture of your turkey, i am still having no luck with mine, those birds want nothing to do with me...i still haven't seen my hummers yet, but my red bleeding heart just started blooming, the color should bring them in soon...

Deb said...

Wonderful photos Deena. Loved the turkey :-}. What a great photo of the Hummingbird. Our Hummingbird feeders are hung up - just waiting for them to visit :-}

Suzanne said...

Yea! Spring! I think it "may" have arrived in our area (don't want to say it too loudly or I might scare it away!) :) Your photos are great Deena! Love the turkey pics.

Andie-The Brown Bee said...

Your photos are wonderful as always Deena! I wish I'd at least my phone with me out back the other day.....I saw the prettiest red male Cardinal flitting in the trees. I don't see them often here in FL, and OF COURSE it made me want to be at "home" in WV! lol xoxo