Thursday, March 05, 2009

For the Love of Birds

You can click on the picture to read the article

I was honored to see my business card used
in the Spring issue of Victoria Magazine.
The web link should be


The Victorian Parlor said...

I saw it in there too and I was so excited to see a name that I knew (and that I consider a friend:).

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

How exciting, and what an honor!! Your cards are charming!

Lori said...

Deena, that is SO wonderful!!! congratulations:)

did i tell you about the muskrat that has been in our yard? i finally got her picture...will be posting soon...she is a cutie:)

marmee said...

so wonderful to have your card featured like that, hopefully you will get some business out of that exposure.

Ryan said...

Deena - I tried the link in the article, but got nothing. Did you see they misprinted your website address? It should be

Just wanted to point that out. Those darn editors... must not have double checked their links.

jettied said...

OHh how exciting!!!!!!!!! I need that magazine!!