Friday, March 13, 2009

Winter Woods and Visitors at Dusk

It was dusk and these deer were  outside my they walked away,
I went out the side door & outside .  I'm about 15 feet from them here and as you can tell
they know I'm there.  The nearest one had it's tail up, but put it down and
decided to just watch me.
This is what the winter woods look like but soon, they will be full
of buds and colors.


The Victorian Parlor said...

I love the picture of the deer! I have never seen such a big fluffy tail on a deer before-that is so amazing!

Diane said...

Just look at that fluffy tail! I always love the name Singing Woods. The last picture is beautiful.

Tootsie said...

how wonderful! thanks for sharing

jettied said...

ooHH that tail!!! it is so fluffy and pretty!!!

Jayne said...

Hey there Deena! Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog. For some reason, your blog had fallen off my RSS feed, but I've put you back on there. Have a beautiful weekend. :c)

Annette said...

I love naked tree's and soon they will have brightly colored cloths on! what does it mean when the deers tail have their tails up? I'm a city girl who don't know these things, but I know beauty in God creatures when I see it, and this one of them.

Hugs always