Monday, January 26, 2009

What Was She Thinking

My four deers friends came to visit yesterday.
One little deer has been hanging around for 2-3 weeks
She comes alone sometimes & she appears to have
a broken front ankle

Well as her friends wandered on to hunt food, she walked back towards our fence
she jumped over!!!
OMG.. She can't do that!!
We have a dog who was not out , but can be at pottie time

Rich opened the back window and said not mean or loud
"What are you doing"

She promptly turned around & jumped back over the fence

I didn't get a jump pic, but I did get
an inside & outside of the fence picture



Lori said...

that's right...keep that sweet girl safe:)

Tootsie said...

I love how you care for them!

The Victorian Parlor said...

She's beautiful. How nice that she has someone to look out for her:)

mon@rch said...

Very nice . . . I use to have a deer peak inside my window each evening when it come to try and raid my birdfeeder! They are always fun visitors!

Anonymous said...

She could "feel" you Miss Deena and wanted to be near you. Animals can sense love way easier than people. That deer knows you've been watching and concerned about it's wounded leg. Just wanted to show you the leg worked well. Not a lot different than yourself proving you can drive after injuries. Maybe Native Americans would say your "animal totem" is a deer...I would have to say all the animals you love are.
Thanks for the photos...a very very welcome break from interior designs, things to own and clothes. Just simple but always beautiful and grounding nature.
Church that smocks frocks.

Mad Red Hare said...

We have deer that pass through our property all the time too. And yes, they have wound up over the fence in the backyard. Amazing, they have not encountered the dogs inside the fence, anyway.

Big Blog Collection said...

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The Birdlady said...

So - can we hope her ankle is NOT broken?
How are you doin"?

JoJo said...

What a beautiful girl she is! And all of your deer! I'm glad you keep an eye out for your deer. When we lived in Maine, we had deer all the time and I really loved seeing all of them. Their running and jumping is such a joy to watch!

Diane said...

Deena, My heart just aches for the wild creatures who are lame or hurt. Maybe she thought you were a friend who cared for her. Hope you're feeling great today. Love, Diane

Mary said...


She is beautiful, but I can understand your worry about the dog. You are such a caring soul. I'm glad Rich was able to get her to return to your Singing Woods.


Annette said...

They know good company when they feel it...they surley feel safe at your place, what beautiful pictures my sweet friend.

Love you

Debra said...

The pictures are so beautiful-I love the one below with the possum and deer on opposite sides of the fence.
Lovely side bar pictures too.
Love, Debra

smileymamaT said...

OH! well at least she can get back over quickly.. phew... hey your little possum is adorable (if not very personable). LOL! Great photos!

Deborah said...

She is beautiful, Deena! We have herds of deer once in awhile and I've noticed a couple of them limping. To jump that fence like she did...she much have smelled something on the other side that she liked.

Anonymous said...

that sweet deer sensed you deena...she came to see you
aren't they precious & so smart
love how you worried about her safety :)

Kim said...

What a lovely little deer.

Anonymous said...

Love your new blog background color and header...really sets off your photos! Such a welcome nature respite visually. More...more!!
I'll send you the Armadillo photo from today..what a hoot! Church full of frocks looking out the windows at nature.