Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Buds, Blooms and Blossoms

Lamb's Ear

Columbine about to bloom

Vinca & Bleeding Hearts

Hosta's just ready to open

Native Wild Flower~May Apple

Native Wild Flower~Trillium

Crab Apple & Red Bud Tree

Deer Food~ aka  Tulips

Crab Apple with last years fruit & this year's bloom, Clematis on
the arch behind it.  A bird house atop the arch.

Clematis on the gate arch

I love nature~~God sends these gifts to all of us!!


Anonymous said...

Deena, too funny! Deer food! They haven't found my tulips...yet! But the rabbits have invaded the garden. Just hoping they'd rather eat grass!

It looks like your spring flowers are just a bit farther along than ours. I'm just loving it that spring is finally here. It's been a long, hard, cold winter.

Blessings, Diane

Diane said...

Deena, Beautiful things blooming in your yard. I bet it's really pretty, especially the arches. Gorgeous colors. Hope Deena's blooming just like the flowers. Be well, my friend.

Lori said...

beautiful pictures looks like spring is coming along very nicely at your house...have a great day:)

Jayne said...

LOL... love your photo of the "deer food"! The clematis is so very beautiful!

Joycee said...

Deena, glad to see you feed the deer too! The tulips are our sacrifice each year but they sure are beautiful while they last! I did a post yesterday on the plants finally coming up, it's been so cool here this spring that we're behind. Now comes the rain and I still can't get out and work in the yard. Oh well, I can blog!

Darla said...

Spring is singing around the deer food!!

Ginnymo said...

You have quite a lovely garden there Deena. I bet it keeps you busy. My prayers are with you. Hugs.

The Victorian Parlor said...

The comment about the deer food is too funny! The clematis is gorgeous! God does bless with a great deal of beauty:)



The Birdlady said...

Yes, to all of us.

ShySongbird said...

I've just caught up with your latest posts Deena and how lovely they are! The photo of the American Goldfinches and the Indigo Bunting on the long feeder is charming as are all your bird and bloom photos.