Saturday, April 18, 2009

Snow White has Visitors and OH a GIVEAWAY!!

This is in my Barberry Bushes.
Do you know what it is??
.. I do..
Take a guess, I've got a special treasure for the
first person to post the correct answer.
Make sure I can contact you if you win.

Missy Miss, whom I call my pet turkey.  Rich calls her Crazy Legs.
She was here today in the yard. She's been alone ever time I've seen
her when she came with "Tom" and another hen.

A sweet Nuthatch

 Mr Blue Bird 

Mrs Blue Bird was here too, checking out the blue bird house
I hope they nest!! I have mealyworms for them!!!

The Snow White story?? Well, someone posted on my blog
they think of me as Snow White & all the animals come to
visit me.  I love the idea.. I AM Snow White..


Ryan said...

Oh Deena - I love the bluebird pictures!

Can I take a guess? Is it a wasp nest?

Hope you are enjoying your weekend!

Ryan said...

Oh oh... wait a minute... how many guesses do I get? I take that first one back. I just realized there were pieces of leaf in the mix.

Wasps don't normally use leaves in their nest making.

When I see leaves in the mix, that usually says moth cocoon. A Luna perhaps! How awesome! I hope you get to keep an eye on it to see it spring forth!

SweetAnnee said...'re half right.

Ryan said...

A butterfly cocoon then? Oh the suspense is killing me!

Ryan said...

Well, judging by the size of it as compared to the leaves I am thinking one of the bigger moths. A giant silkworm moth.

A luna is a silk moth, but it could be one of the others. The white, puffiness of the cocoon gives it away. The only other one I know is a Promethea.

Diane said...

The people who commented before me are much more knowledgable than me. I was going to say a cocoon but I don't know what kind. Your birds are beautiful and so are your turkey ladies.

Jayne said...

I thought cocoon, but in terms of what kind, I am clueless. :c) Oh, the beauty of your bluebirds Deena! Have a beautiful day ahead.

Tami said...

Butterfly Cocoon!? Love the bluebird pictures!!!

Have a beautiful day!!

Cheryl said...

Dear Snow White.....whoops...I mean Deena.....

Could it possibly be some sort of Gall??

Love the bird photographs, especially your friendly turkey......

ShySongbird said...

You have some lovely photos here Deena and your Bluebird is stunning such a vibrant blue.
I think your mystery picture may be a Polyphemus Moth Cocoon, I confess I have never heard of it before but did some 'Googling', of course I could be totally wrong!

Terry said...

I've seen these in my yard before and had no idea what they were. My guess after doing some research is a Luna Moth cocoon. Love your bird photos! :0)

Terry said...

Wait...How about a chinese mantis egg case? That's more what the ones in my yard look like! I love learning new things! :0)

ShySongbird said...

You will probably think I'm mad Deena, but blame my husband! He thinks it could be a Humming Bird nest.

SweetAnnee said...

you are is a Chinese Mantis cocoon.
& CHERYL it does look like a gall..

Congrats Terry..
email me you addee and I'll send ya something


Anonymous said...