Friday, April 24, 2009

A New Bird

This guy was in the trees..amongst the American Goldfinches, but alas
he looked orange ..compared to them.  Oh My, tis a new bird to our 
yard.. A Warbler perhaps???  

YES he is a warbler ..a Prothonotary Warbler, just a bit out of 
his zone, but that's the beauty of birds just passing

Rich nor I have ever seen one before..WOW tis so fun.  
Oh, a hummingbird flew at me today, but then flew on 
without coming back to check out the feeder. He'll be back!!!


Tami said...


He is beautiful....I was just looking through my bird book today and saw a pic of one of those and thought how pretty and here you have one in your tree!!

Have a wonderful weekend!

BECKY said...

Oh Deena, What a joyful little fellow!! I am working to create a better habitat for birds in my backyard!! I'm so glad you got such a delightful surprise!!

Have a lovely weekend!!

Joycee said...

So beautiful and it is a thrill to see one that you recognize as different! We don't have orioles very often so that's the one that get's me going! Great pictures!
joy c. at grannymountain

Diane said...

Isn't he an absolutely lovely sleek little bird. Thanks for sharing. Hope your weekend's going so wonderful.

Cheryl said...

He is a beautiful bird.......
it must give so much joy to see strangers arriving in your garden.......

Ginnymo said...

What a beautiful blog Deena!! You have as many critters in your yard , or maybe more, than I do..LOL I can only see from my window so whatever comes into my view I am ready with my camera!! I love that you have an Opossum in a tree also!! I have video of one climbing a tree in the winter and climbing back down again. he's in one of my Scrapblogs. I will be back when I can take more time. Thanks for leaving a comment. Hugs, Ginny

Anonymous said...