Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Barred Owl Talks to Rich

Rich heard the owl and talked to it.
The owl flew lots closer when he heard Rich.

We got some video..and a few snapshots of him.
He was out early. It was about 5 PM..yesterday
Turn your sound on when you watch the video..you'll hear
Rich hoot..then the owl will hoot back

and yes that's me talking too.


Tami said...

How pretty!!

Terry said...

That's so cool! Rich does a great owl! LOL

Cherrie said...

That is awesome!

Diane said...

So fun to hear Rich talking with the owl. Your sweet voice sounds like I would imagine. Diane

Eastlake Victorian said...

How cool is that?! How lucky you are to live by the woods. I hear chickadees, too! :-)


Dorothy said...

Oh Deena, this is way too cool!!!
So nice to hear your voice and you hubby's!!!! And of course, the owl hooting. Neat!!!!

Mandi said...

How fantastic! My husband and I are really enjoying seeing all of the wildlife around here. I think there is a pond nearby and we can hear frogs croaking all of the time. It is a sound that makes me happy :) Definitely a step away from the suburban life we are used to!

Claudia said...

What a beautiful owl! I so enjoy the birds and outdoors. (you should have seen my dogs perk up when they heard that owl!)