Friday, March 19, 2010

We Have Five New Kittens

My youngest daughter, Mercedes, moved back home last
Friday. We knew her cat Remy was expecting.
They arrived last night, Thursday.

It was amazing, no complications and all healthy.
My older daughter came over with her friend
Ashely and stayed for the births.

Even Rich was excitied!! It was an event
that needed little asisstance from us humans.

Here they are..2 all black, 1 striped, two black & white
Remy did so good. She had all 5 in about 4 hours, from
7.30 to 11.30 PM

~~~~Click on the pictures to enlarge~~~
All in a pile sleeping

Here they are today, Remy is up and walking and acting
so spry. Jumping up on the desk where Mercedes
is on the computer. She seems to be happy . The babies
are she is out and about the house.


Terry said... sweet! :0)

Diane said...

Beautiful pictures of Remy and her kittens. How fun. Nothing like new birth to liven up the place. Blessings to each one of them and to you, Diane

NanaKaren said...

Oh, they are SO sweet! Baby animals of any type are so precious but especially kitties and puppies! Enjoy. Mama cat is a cutie!

Jayne said...

So cute to see them so little! Congratulations to the new mommy.

Ginnymo said...

How neat Deena! Reminds of my past when I observed lots of baby kittens being born. Love the mommy cat. I love black ones. It will be fun around your house as they grow. They will be into everything before you know it..Ha! Hope you are doing okay. Lots of hugs.

Cherrie said...

They are so cute!

Rabbit Hill Primitives said...

Oh what sweeties! I love baby kittens. Wishing you sunshine on this lovely day. Happy Spring my friend. Jenn

Rilda Peel said...

What precious ones. It is so awesome,a new day with new beginnings. Thanks for sharing your JOY with me my Friend. Sending Happy Healthy thoughts your way with much love, rilda *U*

Eastlake Victorian said...

Such precious little balls of fur! What a nice way to welcome Spring! :-)


Anonymous said...

Mercedes home?!! :)

Beauty of all kinds.

aka: Church ~ Theresa Mary Rose ~ Your friend